Sunday, November 9, 2008


I am obsessed with home decor... Although, living in a rented apartment has it's limits, I have come up with innovate and unique ideas to help make our little one bedroom flat... our own. Here is a quick list of some of my favorite trends and some of my favorite shops and Web sites that give me inspiration.

1. Stacking books in horizontal piles. I have an awful steam radiator in my living room, to make give it some life I use it as a book shelve– aligning it with all the wonderful books that I never have time to read in a fashionable manner.

2. Christmas lights aren't just for Christmas or college dorms anymore. Use them to create a romantic feel in any room or as great decor for a party- They give off great glow and warmth... plus they are cheap.

3. Letters of all shapes and sizes. My friend Bethany recently got married this summer and carried the theme of the Bride and Grooms initials throughout the wedding decor. I have added this great detail to my own home. Using vintage letters and hung them over our his and hers closets.

4. Plants are always a must! I have started collecting various sizes and styles of white pots filling them with an array of green plants and aligning them on our dining room window seal.

5. Vintage window frames make great frames or mirrors. I first got this idea from my cousin Ashley. As a photographer she would display her work behind the panes of the old frames. You can pick up your own vintage window at any local antique shop.

6. Candid photos are a great way to display your memories and add personality to your house. I love slipping my favorite picture into the corner of a mirror or a large picture frame.

7. Smelly candles and potpourri is a great way to keep your home fresh and welcoming. I enjoy getting seasonal candles— I just purchased some lovely apple cinnamon candles for fall.

8. Clustering of frames is a old trend that I am still trying to get on board with. Putting together variously shaped frames in a visually pleasing manner is harder then the magazines make it look. I am still working on getting my frames aligned in the perfect manner, but I love the look.

Websites the inspire me:

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